segunda-feira, maio 14, 2012

Letter from Mrs De Jong, President of European Association of former members of parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe

Mrs/Mr President,
Dear Colleage

I thik it might be useful to recall that our Association has a website (, acessible for all, containing a lot of valuable information on FP - AP and its activities, and links to the websites of the Pariamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the FMA ( Former Members's Association of the European Parliament) and to the websites of the other member associations of FP - AP ( if these associations have a website of course).

I would be grateful if you coul inform your members and encourage them to have a look at our website.

Of course, only the members of the FP - AP Bureau have acesse to confidebtial information on our website, such as minutes of the Bureau meetings. They need the login and password wich have been given to them by the manager of the website.

Mechtild de Jong,

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