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AEAP Associação Europeia de Antigos Parlamentares abre web site na Internet

A Associação Europeia de Antigos Parlamentares abriu agora um web site bilingue na Internet, onde constam os links para as associções nacionais suas associadas, incluindo naturalmente a AEDAR.

Pode ser visto em:

Welcome on the website of the European Association of former Members of Parliament!

It was in Bruges, in 1984, on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Belgian Association of former members of Parliament, that the representatives of the associations of former parliamentarians of Belgium Germany, France and Italy talked about future collaboration. In 1987, the « Four » decided, in Strasbourg, to create an informal group, to give a European dimension to the activities of their associations and to concretize their engagement in favour of the European ideal. In 1994, this Group, which had been joined by Turkey in 1988, created officially the « European Association of former members of parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe » (since 1999 : « or the European Union »).
Other countries joined the Association, which has presently 17 member associations and seeks its enlargement, e.g. towards the countries of Central/Eeastern Europe and Scandinavia.
The Association is about to welcome the Association of former members of the European Parliament, which had already an observer status and with which a Cooperation Agreement has been signed in Brussels, in December 2006.
Our Association also wishes to re-inforce its relations with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe ; Many of our Bureau members are former members of the PACE.
Why a European Association of former parliamentarians ?
Simply because we have often had important responsibilities in our Parliaments and in international Assemblies, e.g. the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, and we wish this experience to serve the essential reflections on the evolution of society, democracy and the world.
How can we remain insensitive to the consequences of the major geopolitical mutations we are watching today ? How not to wonder what will become of our democracies in a world where the rapid development of communication technologies is changing drastically our ways of life and thinking ?
In order to participate in these important debates, our Association organises regularly colloquies, like the one held in Athens on 18 October 2008 on « Representative and participatory democracy ».
Throughout the years, we have contributed by our votes to make Europe as it is today, a community of 27 states, gathering countries of East and West, which had been separated for so long.
This explains our permanent commitment in order to consolidate the undertaking started at the end of the Second World War.
You will find on this site any information about our Associaiton, its activities and projects.
I hope that it will be of benefit to you.
The President
Camille Dimmer
February 1st 2009

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